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The Canada Masonry Design Centre (CMDC) is commited to providing masonry contractors and designers in Canada with tools and resources to facilitate the proper design and construction of masonry structures. David Stubbs, B.Eng, P.Eng provides technical assistance to designers and to a select group of masonry contractors who have joined together and accepted the responsibility of leading the masonry industry forward through their investment in the Canada Masonry Design Centre.

CMDC Technical Resources / Services

  •     TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to designers and masonry contractor  
        members for proper design and construction of masonry buildings.
  •     CODE INTERPRETATIONS for CSA Masonry Standards.
  •     EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS / PROGRAMS developed for designers and
        masonry contractors to promote the proper design and construction of
        masonry buildings.
  •     MASONRY RESEARCH MONITORING and strategic planning of future
        research areas that directly affect construction of masonry buildings.



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Listing of Technical Resources found at the Canada Masonry Centre.

Detailed description of education seminars/programs provided by CMDC and a list of Course Graduates.

Technical Bulletins to address proper masonry design and construction

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